Bird Youmans
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Bird Youmans

Bird began life as the son of a Baptist minister.  He spent his childhood involved with all sorts of musical interests.  In the 60's, church music was not quite as progressive as it has become in the 90's, so being a young man with a lot of energy, Bird began playing rock and roll music.  God allowed him t live and learn in that environment.  As time passed he began to see the value of God's way and spiritual music began to become much more progressive.  After playing in several regional rock and blues bands and even a stint with the late Frank Zappa, Bird began to sing and play country music as a solo performer.  But God was not through with him yet!

After a real struggle with continuing to play bars and clubs, God helped him find a way to turn his life around and start playing contemporary and traditional gospel music.  He now travels the southeast singing and playing the music he has come to love most!

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