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   If you'd like your poem turned into a song, I will take your lyrics and create a melody then do a demo of the song for you. The prices of the demo vary depending on how polished and finished you wish the demo to be. The most basic demo, or Package 1, is just an acoustic guitar or piano and a vocal. Effective, but quite sparse sounding at best. So there are different price levels depending on how finished you want the demo to sound. You can add drums and bass (Package 2), then keyboards to add piano, organ or string sounds etc. (Package 3) and for that final pro finish, add the leads and fills (Package 4) and vocal harmonies (Package 5). Though Vocal Harmonies are included in Package 5, you can add it to any other package for just $100.

I have included some demo snippets on the "packages and prices" page so you can hear the various stages of "finish". Just click the "Package" buttons to hear the various stages - 1 being the simplest up to 5 being the most completely finished.

In order for me to create this for you, We will have to discuss your project. That way I can go in a direction you will like since there are many ways to do any one song. So if you have lyrics you'd like made into a song, contact me by way of email and I will explain from there where we start. There's an "email me" button at the bottom of the page that let's you email me with ease. If you have questions, email me for that as well. If you don't hear back from me in a day or two, check your spam since a lot of email from "unknown" sources goes there.
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