Truly the prodigal son, this child of a Southern Baptist Preacher and his wife was raised in South Georgia. Having played piano since the age of three, his artistic gifts have taken him full circle in the Merry-Go-Round of careers. While attending college in the sixties, he drifted from his Church upbringing into the fast and furious life of Rock. After touring with several well known regional bands in the late sixties, he went on to serve a stint as bass player for nationally known, Frank Zappa in 1974. With maturity came an awareness of other musical styles as well as confidence in himself not only as a musician but a singer. With this he set off on a solo career performing Country and Rock in clubs. In 1997, another transformation took place and by the Grace of God, Bird began to serve the Lord with his God given talents. His time is now divided between producing other Christian Artists in his studio, The Birds Nest Recording Studio , and traveling the Southeast spreading the Gospel with his timeless remakes of age-old Gospel favorites and original praise songs!
I'd like to thank my wife for writing the above bio and also taking the photograph. She's my best friend and confidant and does her best to keep me out of trouble!! Now She's wanting us to build a garden train set up around our goldfish pond. Could a man be so blessed!! God blessed us to make a wonderful team and help each other in many ways. She's always been very understanding and supportive of my "artistry" and I love her for that. She has her own real estate company so if you are ever wanting to move to Georgia or North Carolina (She's licensed in both), her company is:
In addition to my life in music, I also love the hobby of model trains and accessories. After buying them on ebay for about a year I decided to try my hand at running a little ebay store. I realized rather quickly that I can't compete with the "big boys" on the train sets, but I found several good sources for the little cars, vehicles of all sorts and certain accessories. Being a musician from the Blue Grassy genre naturally led me to selling Gold Tone Banjos, Mandolins, Dobros and all the wonderful instruments that Wayne Rogers at Gold Tone has come up with. It's a strange mix for a store, but it's my mix! I never was one to engage in something that I don't put my whole self into. I have been blessed from day one with my little store and it has done quite well. I have very much enjoyed meeting people from all over the world through the store. Here's a link if you'd like to visit:
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